Plant & Works Engineering
Compact modular safety controller

WIELAND ELECTRIC says designed with maximum functionality in mind, its samos PRO is a compact modular safety controller for machine and automation control. Part of the samos range of safety systems, it has multi-functional base modules that are modularly interlinked, extending its safety functions module by module.

Twinning sensors with the Cloud

SICK has announced that its new LiveConnect web service will be the standard for bringing live data from SICK sensors to their digital twins in the Cloud, supporting customer progress towards Industry 4.0 digitilisation.

Touchless control solutions

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has announced a new addition to the B5W series of optical sensors. The new B5W-DB diffuse reflector sensor has a longer sensing distance of 550mm, longer than light convergent resistance sensors of the same size making it ideal for COVID safe user interfaces.

Boosting environmental credentials

HI-LINE INDUSTRIES, an established UK manufacturer of high-quality compressed air purification equipment, has released the 2021 version of its energy-efficient Tundra refrigeration dryers.

Desiccant dehumidifiers

HUMIDITY SOLUTIONS offers the Cotes range of desiccant dehumidifiers in the UK. Cotes is one of the world’s leading experts in desiccant dehumidification technology, providing superbly engineered, low-maintenance humidity management solutions that are remarkably energy efficient.

Red Dot Award for product design

ESAB has announced that its Robust Feed wire feeder has received the highly coveted Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.

Longevity and success

Motion control technology group YASKAWA has announced it has delivered its 30 millionth inverter drive and also reached 20 million units in its servo drives division.

Quick Flex elastomeric couplings

Quick Flex elastomeric couplings from Lovejoy Europe / R+L Hydraulics are durable couplings for harsh environments. They need minimal maintenance, are easy to install and require no lubrication.

Mini smart sensors

SICK has announced it has launched the versatile W4F family of miniature smart sensors, developed to achieve next-generation detection performance and incorporating powerful new optical technologies, each purpose-designed to master common sensing challenges with complete reliability.

Pressure sensor benefits set in concrete

Pressure sensors perform a vital role in the development of effective robotic solutions for an ever-increasingly diverse and in some cases highly specialised manufacturing applications. One recent example of this is a high-precision pressure monitoring application for concrete processing using 3D printing robots resulting in automated concrete prints, without the need for complex formwork.

SteamPack fire tube steam boilers

Industrial process heating equipment and solutions specialist BABCOCK WANSON has launched the SteamPack range of Fire Tube Steam Boilers, for steam outputs from 3500 kg/h to 8000 kg/h.

High-performance seals for butterfly valves

In order to ensure that process plants meet hygiene requirements, industry-specific approvals and resistance to CIP/SIP media, FREUDENBERG SEALING TECHNOLOGIES has developed a new series of high-performance seals for butterfly valves. The company says the seals have been developed in conjunction with French customer Definox, one of the leading manufacturers of first class process valves and stainless steel equipment for high-end applications in sectors such as food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and animal feed.

Liquid-tight conduit system range

Flexible conduit manufacturer, FLEXICON has announced it has extended its flexible conduit system offer to include a new liquid tight flexible metal conduit (LMFC), which complies with UL and CSA standard UL360 / CSA C22.2 No. 56-17.

Nickel-free stainless-steel pipe

VIEGA has announced it has further expanded its range of piping solutions for building services, with the introduction of the new Inox 1.4520 pipe. The company says this nickel-free stainless-steel pipe has been designed to ensure consistent quality and regular dimensions that will offer installers a competitive alternative to copper pipe in non-potable, heating and industrial applications.

Support for steel manufacturer

Fully integrated steel producer, Liberty Steel Group, has appointed global compressor control, performance and monitoring solutions expert, CMC, to install AIRMATICS at the UK’s flagship Speciality Steels site in Rotherham.

Mechatronics offer expanded

RUBIX UK has announced it has acquired Matara – a specialist supplier of industrial automation products to UK industry - as part of the Group’s network development strategy.

Investment in new extrusion line

PLYSOLENE has announced it has recently invested £1.5m in the installation of a brand new Kuhne machine at its site in West Sussex to begin producing ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) in the UK.

Rib cooled induction motor

ABB says its rib cooled high voltage motor is available from stock for immediate delivery to the UK. The company says the motor provides high power density for compact installations, packing more power per kilogram compared to conventional motors.

Vision sensors win top award

Providing the right vision sensor for robotic applications which provide maximum functional and operational flexibility combined with easy process integration has become an increasingly important focus for sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER.

£1m revenue boost after signing partnership

A leading engineering solutions provider has been announced as a preferred supplier to IESA in a deal that could be worth up to £1m per year.

Precision engineering machines meet demand

DAWSON SHANAHAN, a specialist precision engineering firm, says it looks set to exceed its investment targets this year to meet increasing demand from the power distribution, e-mobility and medical sectors, which is expected to increase further in 2021.

50th Anniversary Celebration

LABFACILITY says it is proud to announce that in 2021 it will be celebrating its 50th birthday. The company wants to say a big thank you to everyone who has made this 50th year anniversary possible.

Extensive range of valves

ARI ARMATUREN UK Ltd. is a subsidiary of a large German engineering company, reputed to have the largest valve stock in Europe.

Hygienic sealing portfolio

FREUDENBERG SEALING TECHNOLOGIES has announced it is expanding its sealing portfolio for hygienic systems in the process industry to include two new products: Hygienic Forseal and Hygienic Pressure Seal. Both are specially developed for food applications that experience high pressures and temperatures. The company says the unique combination of high-performance elastomers (EPDM or Fluoroprene XP) and premium PTFE materials (Quantum) also makes the seals resistant to a wide range of aggressive media.

Solid wire reduces spatter

ESAB’s OK AristoRod 38 Zn is a solid wire with a specially alloyed formula that can minimise porosity and spatter on galvanised steels. The company says it significantly reduces or eliminates rejects and rework, delivering optimised results when welding the galvanised steel components used in transportation, white goods, agricultural tanks and troughs, HVAC systems and construction.

Open service for IO-Link function blocks

Sensor manufacturer SICK has announced it has launched a pioneering open software service that creates ready-made IO-Link function blocks to integrate data from any IO-Link device into a wide range of common PLC control systems.

Air apparent

The electric motor may be the most common source of mechanical power in modern industrial environments, but that doesn’t make it the best solution for every application. David Lockett, managing director at Huco Dynatork explains the benefits of an alternative approach, using the power of air.

Industrial magnets

ELESA has announced it has recently revised its extensive range of high quality industrial magnets for use in positioning and clamping applications across almost all industries, from mining to food processing and machining to farming. With high pull force and many shape options available in different alloys, these popular magnets are suitable for a variety of purposes which are frequently difficult to appreciate, as they are often located internal to the equipment where they are installed. 

Sustainable Product of the Year Award

HUMIDITY SOLUTIONS has announced it has won the prestigious Sustainable Product of the Year award in the recent HVR Awards, for its desiccant dehumidifier from Danish manufacturer, Cotes A/S.

Compressed air leak detection

UE SYSTEMS discusses best practices for ultrasonic compressed air leak detection: Contrary to what some might think, compressed air is not free. In fact, for what it takes to produce it, to what is generated it is often considered the most expensive utility in a typical manufacturing facility. Air Compressor experts have also estimated that as much as 30% of the compressed air generated is lost via leaks in the compressed air system.

Process gas burner technology

Romold, a manufacturer of plastic spill containment products, has announced it is now benefiting from the latest process gas heating technology from LANEMARK COMBUSTION ENGINEERING. Rotational moulding operations now undertaken by the Livingston-based company feature a Lanemark FDGA forced draught burner system which is delivering clear benefits in terms of both improved operations and greater energy efficiency.

Electrostatically recovering copper wire

A combination of an ElectroStatic Separator and a Metal Separation Module is enabling the recovery of fine copper and other metals from a waste product at a UK metal recycling company.

Intelligent sequencing system

SCOPE is an all-new, PLC-based boiler sequencing control system from FULTON. The company says it is suitable for up to four steam boilers and optimises installations, ensures energy efficient operation and improves boiler longevity. It can be retrofitted to existing vertical and horizontal fuel-fired boiler installations, including Fulton’s own range of existing and planned products and those manufactured by other boiler OEMs.

Charge amplifier with IO-Link technology

KISTLER has announced a new flexible, miniature charge amplifier with IO-Link, saying it’s a world first which complies with industrial communications networking standard (IEC 61131-9) and combines analogue and digital communication technology to pave the way for Industry 4.0.

Why is my excavator so slow?

Tim Bone, cylinder parts manager at FPE Seals explains some of the reasons why an excavator can be operating slowly.

Obsolescence in manufacturing – top 7 tips for avoiding the pitfalls

Obsolescence is an unavoidable part of any manufacturing environment but nearly 70% of companies faced with obsolescence admit they do not know when vital equipment will require repairing, replacing or upgrading. Manufacturers that hope to avoid the pitfalls of obsolescence need to focus on several crucial points as part of an obsolescence strategy and in the current climate, it is more important than ever to manage risk. RADWELL INTERNATIONAL’S team of experts can help businesses to proactively manage obsolescence by assessing installed parts and developing a strategy for mitigating and ultimately eliminating risk. Read the top 7 Tips here for more advice.

Pneumatic fastening clamps

As an international component manufacturer of high quality items from handwheels to positioning indicators, ELESA says it knows what helps to ensure best practice in production. Therefore it is pleased to launch this powerful new MM range of pneumatic clamps (up to 475Nm) which offer fast repetitive clamping cycles on manual or automated production lines to aid achievement of lower costs and more efficient output. 

Plug & play compressor motor

MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN says it has customised a motor for a compressor drive operated by Tata Steel, shipping it within just two weeks. A motor failure had stalled the booster air compressor, which is integral to one of the corporation's Indian steelworks, providing oxygen necessary for steel production. Thanks to its modular warehousing strategy, Menzel was able to speedily configure a squirrel-cage motor in accordance with customer specifications. The MEBKSL-type motor was electrically and mechanically adapted to enable installation and commissioning by the customer without further modifications of the motor or the site.

New RTD temperature sensor

The latest addition to the range of temperature sensing products from sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER is the TER8, a compact sensor based on RTD (Resistance Temperature Detection) technology. These front-flush, low-invasive resistance thermometers are specially designed for applications which demand optimum measurement accuracy combined with the need to meet stringent hygienic standards.

Monitoring and alerting service

RENOVOTEC, a fast growing UK rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain companies is launching ‘Renovotec Network Alert’, a proactive, 24/7 network monitoring and alerting service that tracks the health and performance of the entire network infrastructure remotely and in real-time, enabling organisations to take corrective action anywhere, anytime to avoid network downtime through to complete failure.

Rapid one stop engraving service

BRUNEL ENGRAVING has announced it has made a major investment in state of the art technology to significantly increase its efficiency and output, providing a rapid one stop service to the engineering industry.

SiSiC plates for semiconductor machinery

With photolithography systems for semiconductor manufacturing becoming ever more sophisticated, component suppliers need to be able to provide products of the highest quality to meet the current and future demands in chip production. Based on ongoing in-house research and development, CERAMTEC says its “Rocar SiF” plates made of high-performance SiSiC as a lightweight silicon carbide ceramic achieve an optimal balance of material properties which contribute to higher chip quality.

New synchronous generator

MENZEL GREAT BRITAIN has supplied a synchronous generator with a power rating of 11380 kVA to Westfield Power Station in Scotland. The plant operated by the Independent Power Producer Melton Renewable Energy UK had suffered a failure of the existing generator.

Measuring vibrations at up to 1000° Celsius

KISTLER says its new single axis accelerometer for vibration monitoring delivers reliable results at temperatures up to 700 °Celsius over the long term and up to 1000° for short periods of time. The company says the 8211A sensor is certified to ATEX and IECEX for use in explosion protection making it suitable not only for monitoring purposes, but also for use under extreme conditions in a wide variety of applications.

HMI ECO touch panels

WIELAND says its new HMI ECO touch panels have become essential for machines and systems in their use for visualisation, operation, and diagnostics. The company says when used in conjunction with the samos PRO safety controller they offer complete automation, including seamless data exchange between the visualisation software hmiPLAN and the planning software samos PLAN6. The unit offers flexible communication and seamless integration with over 40 different PLC and device manufacturers, including convenient data exchange of export and import functions.

Heavy duty encoders

Where aggressive environmental and challenging production conditions combine to put the most demanding stresses on control systems the functionality, durability and reliability of the components is critical. Control applications in quarrying, construction and agriculture are just a few examples of harsh operating conditions and are where heavy duty encoders, supplied by BAUMER have excelled.

Education link marks new chapter

REYNOLDS CONTAMINATION CONTROL says it may not have ‘written the book’ on lubricant degradation – but now it’s working closely with someone who has.

New expanded UK headquarters

Earlier this year THORITE, a leading UK specialist of pneumatics, air compressors, air tools, and fluid handling equipment announced its intention to relocate its UK headquarters to a new location nearer to central Bradford.

Springing into action

WILLIAM HUGHES says it has come to the aid of a leading automotive tier-one seat manufacturer; a rescue mission that was only made possible by the company’s broad set of skills and advanced capabilities in the world of complex wire forms.

Ceramic membrane tubes with key properties

High-quality industrial materials are essential for cost-efficient filtration processes. CERAMTEC says its porous ceramic membrane tubes that are used for cross-flow membrane filtration combine key properties that provide customers with enhanced performance and ultimately save cost on filtration units.