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Historic pub strikes it lucky
Published:  03 January, 2024

When the Horseshoe Inn, a historic 17th Century pub in a small Staffordshire village, wanted a large horseshoe symbolic of its name made from heavy-grade steel, it was unsure where to turn. Fortunately, businessman and Managing Director of manufacturing company HI-LINE INDUSTRIES, Steve Smith, lives nearby. Hi-line says it takes its support for local businesses very seriously, particularly ones that play such an important role in the community. The company therefore gladly stepped in to manufacture the customised horseshoe on the pub’s behalf free of charge.

Hi-line Industries is a UK-based leader in the design, manufacture and installation of energy-efficient compressed air purification equipment, serving a rapidly expanding customer base across the UK. Although manufacturing large horseshoes is far from core business, the company has the know-how and expertise to turn concepts into reality at its production facility in Burton-upon-Trent. Notably, Hi-line is a proud supporter of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign, highlighting the passion around British brands and UK manufacturing.

“Our facility in Green Street is only a couple of miles from the village of Tatenhill, home to the Horseshoe Inn,” explains Steve Smith. “I know the pub personally because I live not far away. So when I heard about their requirement, I knew we could help. As a successful company prospering on a national scale, we always try to show our support for enterprising local businesses. We were very pleased to assist such an important establishment as the Horseshoe Inn, which has been at the heart of its community for centuries.”

The new horseshoe custom-made by Hi-line Industries from 10mm thick steel will make a striking addition to this landmark structure and, hopefully, bring lots of luck for many years to come.

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