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IET Achievement Medal award

The Institute of the Engineering and Technology (IET) has awarded Professor Adrian Hilton from the University of Surrey one of its highest honours, the IET Achievement Medal – one of five awarded in the UK in 2018.

Britain’s high health and safety standards must be protected after Brexit, demands British Safety Council

New Home for the East Midlands’ Big Bang

2018 AEMT Awards Winners Announced

From “Inter” to “Intra” cooling

Andy Jones, managing director at Mattei (pictured), explores how a two-stage sliding vane compressor coupled with the novel intracooling system could present the compressor solution of the future.

Condition monitoring solution prevents unscheduled stoppages

A steel producer has installed a condition monitoring solution from Schaeffler to help prevent unscheduled stoppages to its critical furnace deflection rolls. PWE reports.

Optimising pump reliability and performance

The offshore industry faces two main challenges: maximising production within the limits of the reservoir, and minimising operational costs while maintaining the safety of the platform. Pumps form one of the main groups of equipment that influence the outcome of both challenges and they require expert knowledge to ensure continued reliability and performance. Murray Wilson, Sulzer UK reports.

Smart HVAC

What does a historical building and an industrial plant have in common? For Malta’s Grand Master’s Palace, it’s a smart HVAC system. As smart technology develops, building managers are increasingly turning to automation systems to streamline their processes. Vincent Deguara, operations manager at building automation provider JMartans Automation, looks at what facilities managers can learn from industrial automation.

Putting steam efficiency in the driving seat

With the ever-increasing pressure to improve energy efficiency in the UK, car manufacturers are leading by example. PWE reports.

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