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Bouyant jobs market sees increased churn in manufacturing labour

Labour turnover in manufacturing has increased for the second year in succession as employees take advantage of a buoyant jobs market and skills shortages to move jobs according to the latest annual Labour Turnover survey from Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation.

MAKE UK comment

By MAKE UK chief executive Stephen Phipson

PI UK becomes official supporter of Smart Industry series of Conferences

Competition seeks engineers of the future

Engineering for unforgiving conditions

Heat, contamination and unpredictable weather constantly threaten to disrupt the performance of offshore oil and gas facilities. These unforgiving conditions can be detrimental to the performance of drilling equipment, pumps and extraction machinery — but what steps can be taken to ensure quality engineering at sea? Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings, explains why, sometimes, it’s the little things that count.

Precision temperature control for manufacturing

It can be a challenge to maintain efficiency in manufacturing processes that rely on rapid temperature change, they are energy intensive and will often form a natural bottle-neck in an overall process. Implementing a new control strategy that is both more accurate and responsive can therefore bring improvements to both productivity and process efficiency. PWE reports.

Keep one step ahead of the competition

Kevin Price from Infor examines the importance of standards in optimising asset management.

Improved performance Vs minimised cost - striking the right balance!

Finding the most effective solution to upgrade a pumping station can be a complex process. Striking the balance between improved performance and minimised costs requires experience and excellent technical abilities. ECS Engineering Services recently delivered a cost effective refurbishment project for the Environment Agency that initially had some very ambitious costs. PWE takes a closer look.

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