Plant & Works Engineering
Investing in talent

Siemens is bucking the downward trend in early careers opportunities by offering 26 school leavers, university students and graduates a pathway into manufacturing, automation and digitalisation.

New UK managing director at Harting

British Safety Council calls for Government health campaign

UK manufacturers must adopt three-pronged approach to boosting productivity

Water reduction in manufacturing - a commercial no-brainer

Ian Hart* sets out the many benefits – commercial and otherwise – of reducing water consumption in manufacturing and argues that businesses should adopt an altogether different approach to a precious resource that will come under increased pressure in the years ahead.

IIoT solution optimises uptime and maintenance activities

Svendborg Brakes says its newly launched Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution is empowering the mining industry to boost its operations. PWE reports.

Smart sensors - reduce costs and add value

The food industry often presents challenging environments for components and, in particular, for the sensors used in process control applications. In addition, users’ expectations of sensor technology are continually increasing. These considerations mean that the future belongs to smart sensors that not only offer outstanding performance and reliability but also deliver substantial added value, says Andy Walker *.

A perfect fit: the importance of mounting bearings properly

The way in which bearings are mounted has a profound effect on both the performance and reliability of these vital machine components. Mark Townsend* lays-out the key principles for mounting bearings successfully and describes a tool that ensures such operations can be carried-out quickly and accurately

Don’t be floored by flooring!

We all know how easy it is to lose our footing, catch our foot in something or fall off a ladder. But when it happens at work, it’s a whole different ball game. Andy Pye explains

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