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BCAS seeks industry feedback for new apprenticeship standard

The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) is seeking feedback on its draft occupational apprenticeship standard for a Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician (CAVT); and is asking businesses to get involved to ensure the standard meets the needs of the wider industry.

MTC signs strategic partnership with Irish Manufacturing Research

Celebrating a lifetime’s contribution to the compressed air industry

Gatwick Airport, Facebook and Network Rail join forces with Primary Engineer to help identify engineers in the making.

National Composites Centre scoops top award and ISO standard in health and safety

How to achieve prescriptive maintenance

Kevin Price, product evangelist for EAM, Infor, gives a seven-step journey to prescriptive maintenance.

Sensors – the front line of information gathering

Back in the pioneering days of photo-electric sensing technology the sensor itself was often referred to as a ‘magic eye’. To the unenlightened, only familiar with purely mechanical solutions, the use of light may indeed have seemed mysterious and magical. Now confined to history these cumbersome devices with their incandescent light source are a far cry from the ultra-efficient, LED or laser based products available today. PWE reports.

Industrial Imager pinpoints compressed air leaks in minutes

Compressed air systems can lose a significant amount of air through leakage. - the average compressed air system loses 30% of its air through leaks. Locating those leaks has been a time-consuming and difficult process. Fluke says its ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager enables maintenance teams to quickly, and visually, pinpoint the location of compressed air, gas, and vacuum system leaks even during peak production periods. Leaks can be detected in a matter of minutes.

Take digital maturity seriously

Clare Darlison, director of Idhammar Systems explains why manufacturers must take digital maturity seriously and how they can work towards achieving it.

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