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Clothing centre achieves Health & Safety Management Standard

Arco, a leading UK safety company, has been awarded certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the health and safety management system at its clothing centre, in Preston, highlighting the company’s continued commitment to exceptional health and safety standards.

Clothing centre achieves Health & Safety Management Standard

Arco, a leading UK safety company, has been awarded certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the health and safety management system at its clothing centre, in Preston, highlighting the company’s continued commitment to exceptional health and safety standards.

Want a safer workplace? Then show the value

Having recently achieved the ISO 45001 certification for Air Products, Rachel Rawlings*, talks about why plant operators and engineers are central to the success of occupational health and safety initiatives.

How the oil & gas sector can manage employee welfare

As well as dealing with increasing scrutiny regarding their impact on the environment, the nature of the Oil & Gas sector means that employee welfare is something that must be at the forefront of an organisations’ thoughts. Experts at FPE Seals have dived deep into the numerous ways employee welfare can be managed.

Adopting food traceability solutions

Adem Kulauzovic, Director of Automation, Domino Printing Sciences, highlights why food and beverage manufacturers should adopt traceability solutions to protect their consumers, brand image, and bottom line.

Safety matting for your construction site

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous places, and one area often overlooked is the floor. Every year around a third of all workplace accidents involve slips, trips and falls, which can often lead to severe injuries. First Mats have created a new range of specially designed floor matting to help eradicate this problem. The range includes various PVC and Rubber type matting for walkways, workstations, stairs and cable protection. These mats are designed to provide a high level of grip and traction, even in wet or muddy conditions, making them ideal for construction sites.

High flow sampling pump to be showcased

CASELLA, a global occupational hygiene and workplace hazard monitoring expert, is a founding partner of Safety, Health and Wellbeing LIVE, September 28th-29th, Farnborough International, and says it will showcase the most technologically advanced high flow pump in the air sampling market on stand 142.

Electrical safety testing

SEAWARD says Investment in production and testing expertise is helping an importer and distributor of domestic lighting ensure products, supplied to trade customers across the UK, work safely.

Guide to loading bay safety

RITE-HITE, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial health and safety equipment, has published a new free guide to Loading Bay Safety, giving facilities managers a comprehensive overview of industrial regulations, technological advances and trends, and best practice advice for ensuring safety across every angle of any loading bay environment.

Noise Dosimeter receives WELMEC approval

CASELLA has announced it has achieved Western European Legal Metrology Cooperation (WELMEC) approval on its dBadge2 noise dosimeter in Spain.

Biodegradable nitrile glove

Hand protection specialist UNIGLOVES has announced it has launched a new nitrile disposable glove – BioTouch – combining chemical resistance, comfort and grip with innovative, environmentally friendly, biodegradable technology.

Safe breathing air supply

The production of breathing air is one of the most sensitive tasks in medical and industrial applications. It is essential to supply employees with clean breathing air that complies with the requirements of DIN EN 12021 and DIN EN ISO 7396-1 and the quality standard of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Specialist electrical hand protection

Hand protection specialist UNIGLOVES says it is helping protect workers who face direct electrical and arc flash risks in the workplace with a new range of specialist electrical safety gloves.

Fixed ladders fitted with a safety cage: safe or unsafe?

With falls from height still one of the leading causes of fatal accidents at work, the industry welcomes two new guidance documents on working safely on portable ladders, released by the Ladder Association and Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Rob Messenger, work and rescue at height instructor, at ARCO PROFESSIONAL SAFETY SERVICES, looks at the issues of fixed, safety cage ladders and how to mitigate the risks associated with using this type of equipment.

Environmental noise monitoring

CIRRUS RESEARCH has announced the launch of its latest cloud-based noise monitoring system, Quantum Outdoor. Quantum Outdoor is a single solution for remote monitoring of noise 24/7, it uses powerful cloud software to give users control over their environmental noise impacts at their desktops.

Reusable hand protection solutions

Hand protection specialist UNIGLOVES has announced it has launched of a new range of reusable gloves and specialist electrical safety gloves with specific solutions designed for workers in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Training for confined space working

Brian Grunes, Arco Professional Safety Services Confined Space training expert (pictured) offers guidance on the risks of confined space working and the upcoming changes to the City & Guilds training accreditation

Hearing protection solutions

Hazardous work environments demand effective and reliable communication between people. With a range of up to 3km the new HELLBERG Local hearing protector and communication headset makes it easy to talk to with colleagues - without the hassle of taking off ear defenders.

Working at height

Falls from height are the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injury within the workplace. Steve Dawson, working at height expert at Arco Professional Safety Services, explains the importance of training for working at height and having the right equipment

An accident in the workplace is not the time to find out if you have correct machine safety procedures in place

Machinery and manufacturing equipment safety specialists, Euchner (UK), is hosting a series of training events designed to ensure that company directors, health and safety professionals, operational, maintenance, HR personnel and other managers understand key legislation and their responsibilities surrounding safety in the workplace.

Climate control baselayers

Upgraded, innovative and sustainable – SNICKERS WORKWEAR says its range of ‘Climate Control’ clothing delivers exceptional comfort and performance. There’s a range of garments that use socially and environmentally responsible fibre technology such as 100% recycled polyester, as well as others available in high-tech breathable fabrics.

Protecting workforces from chemical exposure

It is estimated that every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, one worker dies as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, radiation and other hazardous substances.

Remotely-operated rescue robot

A remotely-operated rescue robot built to help with disaster recovery in hazardous industrial environments has been developed by a pioneering firm.

Protection Advisor

BRAMMER BUCK & HICKMAN, a leading UK supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, has announced it has launched a new interactive online Hand & Arm Protection Advisor for high quality Ansell safety solutions such as HyFlex, ActivArm and MICROFLEX which has been designed to help customers determine the right level of cut protection and comfort for hands.

Miniature safety inductive is a snug fit

SICK has announced it has launched the IQB2S family of inductive safety switches to provide designers and operators with a unique, cuboid-shaped non-contact device - as small as a matchbox - that can be fitted easily into the smallest machine spaces.

Protective clothing requirements

Many workers in hazardous environments could be wearing protective workwear that is not fit for purpose, according to workwear supply and laundry provider, ELIS.

New reusable hand protection solutions

Hand protection specialist UNIGLOVES has announced it has just launched a new range of industrial gloves and specialist electrical safety gloves.

Covid protection for Cambridge factory

Soluva Air W air disinfection units are helping to provide protection from Covid-19 for employees of HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT at its factory on the Cambridge Science Park. The units have been installed in the company's office and works canteens and, complemented by the observation of social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing, they now make the working environment even safer. The Cambridge facility employs over 100 people manufacturing photonics-based solutions.

Thermal drone imaging capability

DSC says with its new thermal sensor, the M2EA Drone, packs a whopping 640 x 512 infrared thermal resolution, allowing building heat loss identification and electrical power overheat issues, to be identified easily and quickly, enhancing both people safety and the ability to save time and money.

Going underground

Investment in advanced SEAWARD PAT (portable appliance testing) kits is helping London Underground comply with important electrical safety requirements.

Spring cleaning to reduce safety risks

TRESTON proposes spring-cleaning for industrial workshops to reduce workplace safety risks and increase productivity by keeping a clutter-free and clean workbench.

Supply chain compliance

ERIKS Industrial Services, part of ERIKS group, has partnered with ALCUMUS SafeContractor to manage contractor compliance and drive health, safety and environmental transparency in its supply chain.

Hand protection expertise

Hand protection specialist UNIGLOVES has bolstered its highly experienced team with the arrival of PPE specialist Karen Cresswell to help shape a new range of industrial workwear gloves for a mid-May launch in the UK.

Supporting workplace social distancing

CASELLA, expert manufacturer of smart monitoring technology, has developed an innovative solution to simplify social distancing in the workplace with the launch of the Orbi-Trace smart tag. The solution provides simple proximity alerts all the way up to full effective contact tracing.

Bring PPE to life

JSP says its DigiHUB is an exciting, innovative new platform that allows you to safely explore, learn and share the core range of JSP products with customers and supply them with all the technical information they need to select JSP with confidence as their trusted PPE provider.

Padlocks excel in Sold Secure testing

Security specialist Mul-T-Lock has announced it has recently had its high security NE and NG padlock ranges tested by Sold Secure, with impressive results.

Virus-free workplaces

With the UK continuing its battle against COVID-19, businesses everywhere are facing the unenviable task of ensuring virus-free workplaces for staff and customers alike. For this reason, HI-KLEEN from Hi-line Industries has been proving exceptionally popular since its introduction in the summer of 2020. To help even more companies benefit from this highly effective surface sanitiser for commercial premises, Hi-line has produced a short but highly informative YouTube video ( that demonstrates the product’s easy application.

Safety light curtains provide access control

WIELAND ELECTRIC says its SLC Series safety light curtains have been designed to protect operators from dangerous areas or as access control against unauthorised trespassing.

Light work of safety testing

A leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial LED lighting, NET LED, says it has improved the electrical safety testing of its products by using low power multi-function LED testers from SEAWARD.

Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing

Essity, a global health and hygiene company, and the global manufacturer of Tork, has published the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing. The company says the guide offers insights from Essity’s first-hand experience confronting the pandemic and its role in advising the U.K. government on safer policy.

Safety footwear

We go behind the scenes with Simon Ash, UK Sales manager of HAIX, a leading safety footwear manufacturer , to find out what goes into the design and development of safety footwear and the testing that ensures they meet the high standards of comfort and safety that wearers have come to expect.

High speed temperature screening

RENOVOTEC, a fast growing UK rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain companies has announced it is introducing a new high speed, accurate, data-secure and non-contact temperature screening system for at-entrance use in distribution centres and factories, stadia, airports and larger offices.

Ventilation-based, environmentally friendly cooling that can help fight Covid-19

EcoCooling reports: Safety in workplaces has been brought to the forefront of mind in recent months, with the control of bacteria being more vital than ever. Many businesses that relied on air conditioning to keep temperatures down have had to re-think their cooling solutions due to the hazards associated with the recirculation of air.

Safety expert relocates Industrial Hose Division

UK safety expert ARCO has recently moved its Industrial Hose Division to a new larger facility of 17,500m3, next door to its National Distribution Centre (NDC), on the outskirts of Hull. As one of the UK’s biggest industrial hose distributors, the new facility contains a dedicated and comprehensive range of industrial hose solutions suitable for all types of industries and applications.

Air and noise monitoring equipment upgrades

As employees begin returning to work, maintaining a safe and socially distanced workplace is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Health hazards such as from noise and dust continue within the workplace, so personal monitoring must continue. However, it can be difficult to deploy personal monitoring equipment while maintaining social distancing. CASELLA a world-leading environmental monitoring manufacturer reports it is enabling companies to overcome social distancing challenges with a new initiative to provide equipment that allows monitoring to continue whilst maintaining social distancing.

New fume extraction system

New from WILKINSON STAR, one the of the UK’s largest independent distributors of Welding and Industrial Equipment, is the F-Tech Fume technology product range of high vacuum fume extraction systems and welding torches.

Ventilation and extraction without moving parts

SECOMAK says featuring no moving parts, the Clustajet is designed to be ultra-reliable, portable, easy to clean and simple to install and is perfect for transporting dust and fine debris.

Hand protection solutions

Complementing its range of market-leading single use gloves, UNIGLOVES UK – part of UG Healthcare Corporation - one of the world's leading glove manufacturers, has announced it has introduced the protective skincare system, Derma Shield, to its offering. Designed to moisturise, protect and repair the skin, Derma Shield is CE marked and manufactured in the UK to Medical Device Standard ISO 13485. 

Dramatic comeback

MELAPHONE says when its Speech Unit was designed 50 years ago for the booking offices at British Rail stations, nobody could have predicted that half a century later it would suddenly be in such high demand. The current Corona Virus Pandemic had created an urgent need for all protective equipment – both for personal use and in the working environment. This is the reason the Melaphone has come into its own again.

First aid in the workplace

Employers have a legal requirement to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. The right form of first aid can save lives and prevent a minor injury from becoming a major one. To support businesses in their provision of first aid and first aid training, ARCO, a leading UK safety expert, has created a new expert guide to help.