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Thermal drone imaging capability
Published:  10 May, 2021

DSC says with its new thermal sensor, the M2EA Drone, packs a whopping 640 x 512 infrared thermal resolution, allowing building heat loss identification and electrical power overheat issues, to be identified easily and quickly, enhancing both people safety and the ability to save time and money.

The company says this thermal imaging capacity raises the industry bar for compact thermal drones but, as if that wasn’t enough, the M2EA also comes with a host of additional enhancements. Fitted with a 48 MP visual camera, it provides an 8,000 x 6,000 imagery via a mammoth 32x Digital Zoom, allowing thermal issues to be output with both thermal and clear traditional images.

Standard features include:

• Max flight time: 31 min

• Thermal Camera: 640 × 512 px, 30 Hz Frame Rate, 16× Zoom

• Visual Camera: 48MP, 1/2" CMOS Sensor

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