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Minimise energy bills with refrigeration air dryers
Published:  04 April, 2023

With energy bills likely to remain high for some time, users of compressed air must consider every potential energy-reducing measure. In tandem with growing demands to reduce carbon footprint as the UK transitions to a net-zero future, many companies are looking at compressed air technologies for the solution. Air dryers, which are essential to improve the quality of compressed air and protect valuable assets, are no exception. With this thought in mind, HI-LINE says its latest Tundra range of refrigeration air dryers is its most energy-efficient to date, helping companies reduce costs, remain competitive and boost their green credentials.

The company says Tundra refrigeration air dryers outperform rival technologies in energy efficiency by minimising pressure drop and lowering absorbed power. The principle of operation is direct expansion, which offers a notable advantage over thermal expansion dryers, namely a far more stable dew point of +1°C at all load levels. This stability contrasts greatly to thermal expansion dryers, where dew points can range from +3°C to +20°C. Importantly, this impressive stability in no way compromises performance: Tundra refrigeration dryers deliver continuous dry air that satisfies ISO 7183 industry standards.

One of the secrets behind the energy-efficient Tundra series is the improved and patented single-cell heat exchanger, which delivers highly efficient heat transfer at low energy costs. In essence, pre-cooled air enters the all-aluminium heat exchanger module while post-heated air departs, supporting a reduction in the energy consumed by the chiller circuit.

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