Plant & Works Engineering
Heavy duty gear pumps

MSEVikingPump.jpgThe extensive range of Viking Pumps is said to provide one of the widest choices of pumping technologies and designs available today underpinned by Viking’s breadth of fluid handling knowledge and application expertise in solving the most challenging pumping problems. These pumps are available from MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS who says it is able to provide Viking pump users with a wealth of practical and technical experience for the complete range of Viking positive displacement pumps.

Pulseless flow dosing

Wanner_International.jpgThe unique multi-diaphragm arrangement of Hydra-Cell metering and dosing pumps from WANNER is claimed to remove the need for pulsation dampeners in many circumstances. Hydra-Cell pumps from Wanner have multiple, hydraulically balanced diaphragms in a single head, that operate sequentially, dramatically reducing system pulsation and the damage it causes.

Elastomer coated rotary lobe pumps

AXF_308_LB_section.jpgAXFLOW has announced it has extended its range of positive displacement pumps with the introduction of the LB suite of elastomer coated rotary lobe pumps for flows of between 5m³/hr to 130m³/hr. AxFlow says the LB pump has been designed from scratch following an assessment of products currently on the market with a view to producing a process quality pump, positioned above the more agricultural designs yet without attracting the high costs of high end products.

Infra-red heating system

Heraeus_Noblelight.pngA fast response medium wave (FRMW) infra-red heating system from HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT is reported to be helping Dura Automotive Systems of Castle Bromwich to ensure the reliable and precise adhesion of molded thermoplastic sealings to custom-designed, automotive glass windows. The system is located in a robotic cell and integrates exactly with the robot cycle.

Possibilities into reality

Ovako.jpgOVAKO says as the pressure mounts for designers to develop smaller, lighter and stronger components, its clean engineering steels, with their increased fatigue strength, can turn possibilities into reality.

Weld-free tubing

Sandvik_coiled_tubing.jpgTo meet a growing need for coiled tubing in very long lengths, SANDVIK has announced its high-precision tubing unit in Germany has developed a breakthrough method enabling the production of stainless tubing in lengths exceeding 1,000 meters from a single 125 kg hollow – with zero welds.

New products online

Direct.jpgPNEUMATICS DIRECT has launched its new 2016-2017 online catalogue, now offering over 50,000 products from a range of industry leading brands. The company says, working extensively with its suppliers has enabled it to give customers the lowest prices in the UK for online sales.

Industrial cellular RTUs

Red_Lion_RAM_Industrial_Cellular_RTUs.jpgRED LION CONTROLS, an expert in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, has announced its Sixnet series RAM 9000 industrial cellular RTUs have received ATEX zone 2, category 3 approval and are safe for use in potentially hazardous environments. This approval follows recent announcements that Red Lion’s rugged RAM industrial cellular RTUs support high-speed 4G LTE worldwide.

High-flow pump

wanner_international.jpgWANNER says its new, seal-less, hydraulically balanced diaphragm pump offers flow rates up to 366 lpm at pressures up to 103 bar.

Oxygen gas monitoring

Quantitech_O2WhitePaper.jpgQUANTITECH reports it has prepared a comprehensive White Paper on the measurement of oxygen gas in furnaces and other industrial processes. Quantitech’s Craig Day says:“Oxygen gas concentration measurements are essential for the effective management of many industrial processes,

Chemical cleaning pump

Kamco.jpgWhen a food processing plant in North Yorkshire found that oil coolers were running too hot, and heat exchangers used for pasteurising food were struggling to keep up, the cause was quickly identified as being scale and corrosion debris in the water side of several plate heat exchangers.

Multiple control options

wanner_international.jpgWANNER INTERNATIONAL says its Hydra-Cell Metering and Dosing solutions range includes variants with integrated variable speed drives and says the innovative design combines an AC induction motor with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD inverter) mounted on the motor.

H&S safety precautions

April_PWE_Spotlights_pcp_p40__Page_1_Image_0001.jpgBridgewood UK utilises a range of vacuum forming, polyurethane reinforcement and composite moulding processes and says it has been trying to find a safe and simple method to remove unwanted material from both product and employee’s clothing for years, but has consistently experienced issues with compressed air solutions.

Industrial fan selector

download.jpgAIR CONTROL INDUSTRIES specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial fans, blowers and accessories.

Relative humidity probe

Michell_Instruments.jpgThe new HygroSmart HS3 advanced interchangeable relative humidity and temperature probe from MICHELL INSTRUMENTS is said to be 100% configurable to allow maximum flexibility to the user. This gives users the ability to alter their RH and temperature measurements to keep step with changes or developments in their process, with no extra costs.

New digital strategy and website

New_Bunting_Europe_Website.JPGUK based magnet and magnetic separator equipment manufacturer, BUNTING MAGNETICS EUROPE, reports it has launched a new dynamic and responsive website as part of a fresh digital marketing strategy to reflect several years of growth and changes in the business.

New design possibilities

Ovako.jpgCleaner steels by OVAKO are said to be opening up new design opportunities and extending service life for high performance parts. Ovako says today, more than ever, high performance components are expected to withstand higher loads over longer periods of time and the company says its clean steels can facilitate significant opportunities to rethink design solutions for improved safety, time and cost savings in a range of applications.

Tube bending demonstration

sandvik.jpgSANDVIK says demonstrations of tube bending will be on its stand at Tube 2016 which will be used to show the versatility and how the controlled hardness of Sandvik tube sets a standard of its own for easy bending and leak free connections of the company’s hydraulic and instrumentation tubing.

Validation of humidity probes

michell_instruments.pngMICHELL INSTRUMENTS says its new HygroCal100 humidity verifier provides a practical option for companies that are not able to invest in a full humidity calibration laboratory to verify their humidity probes in-house.

High-temperature pyrometers

Raytek.jpgFLUKE PROCESS INSTRUMENTS reports it has introduced the Endurance series of high-temperature infrared thermometers. Featuring a stainless steel IP65 housing and galvanically insulated I/Os, these units are said to enable continuous process monitoring of the most demanding industrial applications, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, carbon processing, and silicon production.

Five webinars, on five topics, in five days

webinar.jpgHBM , a specialist in the field of test and measurement, has announced the dates for its latest series of free measurement technology webinars, which take place on 22nd – 26th February 2016.

Nozzles meet chemical challenge

Bete.jpgStoring liquids in tanks is essential for many process industry applications, as is the need to agitate the contents to avoid separation and sedimentation. Fluids can be recirculated through tanks to achieve separation, although the process can be enhanced by the introduction of eductor nozzles.

Multifunction tester

Seaward_HAL_at_CMR_1a.jpgAdvanced technology electrical testing equipment is reportedly helping a specialist manufacturer of electrical wiring harnesses and control panels for diesel engine applications demonstrate compliance with rigorous industry standards.

Laser process gas analysers

Quantitech.jpgQUANTITECH reports it has launched a range of process gas analysers based on tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS). “Over 8,000 instruments have been installed around the world, but the manufacturer Focused Photonics Inc (FPi) is new to the UK,” says Quantitech MD Keith Golding.

Rolled bearings range

Bowman_International.jpgBOWMAN INTERNATIONAL reports it has launched the new BowMet range of rolled bearings, billed as the biggest advance in plain sliding bearings in more than 70 years.

Quantum Controls wins prestigious 2015 ‘ABB Drives & Motors Supplier of the Year’ Award

quantum_controls.jpgA poll of over 350,000 people from UK Industry have voted QUANTUM CONTROLS the ‘ABB Motor and Drives Supplier of the Year 2015’. UK Corporate Excellence presented Kevin Brown, MD with the award in November 2015.

Keeping vibrations at bay

belzona.pngAt a port operator in the UK, an extremely durable chocking system was required to ensure a new boiler would remain secure and protected, even when subjected to aggressive vibration activity.

Machining day proves a success

Sandvik.jpgDesigned to share the latest information and expert knowledge on the best and most economical methods of machining duplex and super-duplex material, SANDVIK says its recent machining day attracted more than 60 customers.

High impact strength

Ovako_SZ-Steel_2_High-res.jpgOVAKO says as companies push the limits of performance in cold climates and harsh environments, demand for strong, safe and well-proven materials is on the rise. Components like pipeline bolts, hydraulic parts and offshore lifting devices must offer greater reliability at sub-zero temperatures.

New treatment process tested

Siltbuster_pilot_plant_for_treating_the_main_effluent_flow_at_Tata_Steel_Colors.jpgSILTBUSTER PROCESS SOLUTIONS (SPS) reports it has designed, built and commissioned a full scale pilot plant for treating the main effluent flow at Tata Steel Colors, production site at Shotton. The aim of the pilot plant was to test a new treatment process for the site – one which would reduce treatment costs and meet the site’s longer term needs.

Seal-less diaphragm pump

seal-less_wanner_international.jpgWANNER has launched the Hydra-Cell T8030, a Triplex diaphragm pump that it claims eliminates leaks, hazards and the expense associated with replacing seals and packing.

Manual control dosing pumps

wanner_international_new.jpgWANNER INTERNATIONAL reports it has introduced a range of Hydra-Cell, ATEX approved Dosing Performance Pumps with precise mechanical variator control, all mounted on a substantial stainless steel base plate.

Exclusive distributorship

Industria_Bearings_GMN_1.jpgUxbridge based INDUSTRIA BEARINGS & TRANSMISSIONS has confirmed it has been appointed as exclusive distributors of GMN high precision products for the UK.

Expert advice on cooling

Rittal_Take_The_Heat_Off_This_Summer.jpg“Prepare your panels now and be ready for next summer” - that’s the message from international panel manufacturer and climate solutions specialists, RITTAL. By getting expert advice, and planning and putting in solutions now, Rittal says managers can get ahead of the game, safeguard production processes – and not be caught out by rising ambient temperatures.

Laser gas analysers

Quantitech.jpgA new range of process gas analysers based on tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) is now reportedly available from QUANTITECH. “Whilst these instruments are new to the UK and Ireland, the manufacturer Focused Photonics Inc has an installed base of over 8,000 instruments, so this is a well-established technology,” says Quantitech’s Keith Golding.

Effective dust removal

Air_Control_Octavius_Hunt.jpgOctavius Hunt is a large European smoke manufacturer, the production of dust during the manufacturing process of smoke products is unavoidable, and managing its containment in and around the manufacturing facility is a vital process for the company. To manage the situation the company says it installed an ACI Personnel Cleaning Booth. The company had previously tried a number of different solutions, but none provided a practical or user-friendly solution. The company chose the ACI Personnel Cleaning Booth following extensive research.

Perfect pump system

Pump_Engineering.jpgTransferring high viscosity creams, pastes and gels which do not flow readily can present challenges across many process applications. An effective and practical solution is said to be available from liquids handling specialist PUMP ENGINEERING who offers a CSF piston pump mounted in the centre of a follower plate which fits into a drum and seals against the inside of the drum.

Which of your process motors are likely to fail?

whitelegg_machines_newsletter.jpgWHITELEGG MACHINES says some process motors could be close to failure with others running inefficiently.A motor running hot could be due to the mains power supply, the motor itself, or its load. Sometimes the problem is not apparent and it is often difficult to find the cause, as many motors are tucked away in hard-to-access areas.

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)

new_ceaUntitled.jpgThe CEA reports one of the single most important directives for many years in the combustion industry is about to become EU law and will soon be transposed into UK law. Owners or operators of any combustion plant with a thermal input of between 1MW and 50MW will be affected. This means anyone with a boiler generating around 1.5 tonnes of steam or more, or using a CHP or diesel generator of around 500kVA or more, will need to know about this directive. There are estimated to be at least 15,000 such plants in the UK alone.

Safety-certified encoder

SICK_DFS60S_Safety_Encoder.jpgSICK UK has announced the launch of the PLd / SIL2-certified DFS60S Pro incremental encoder, enabling motion to be safely controlled in automated guided vehicles or machinery requiring frequent operator interaction. SICK says the DFS60S Pro enables safe operator interaction at slow speeds without the need to stop the machine.

Tuning fork level switch

VEGASWING66-LNG_300dpi.jpgVEGA says the latest addition to its portfolio of vibrating limit switches for liquids, VEGASWING 66, is a world first. It is designed for reliable, self monitoring and fail safe switching in applications with process temperatures up to 450 °C and process pressures up to 160 bar. Until now, vibrating level switches have been limited to process conditions up to 280 °C and 100 bar.

All-in-one remote monitoring

Red_Lion_RAM_Industrial_Cellular_RTUs.jpgRED LION CONTROLS, experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, has announced its Sixnet series RAM industrial cellular RTUs now provide high-speed global 4G LTE network support for use with many cellular carriers worldwide. The company says this follows its recent announcement of 4G LTE multi-carrier cellular support for major North American carriers.

Rotating tube furnace

carbolite.jpgCARBOLITE reports it has developed a new horizontal furnace with a rotating work-tube for continuous heat-treatment of powders or granulates at temperatures up to 1150ºC in air or inert gas. The company says the RHZS furnace is based on its well-proven HZS 12/900 model but provides more flexible sample processing through the adjustment of tilt and rotation speed of the work-tube, allowing the heating of each sample to be precisely controlled.

New busbar system

Rittal_Ri4Power_busbar_system.jpgRITTAL says protecting people who work with electrical switchgear is of paramount importance and says it addresses all considerations within its busbar system “Ri4Power 185mm” and its new (Version 6.3) of the Rittal Power Engineering software.

Pipeline Sampling

wanner_international.jpgWANNER INTERNATIONAL says Hydra-Cell pumps are increasingly being specified and retrofitted in pipeline sampling installations used for analysis during oil transfer - data that can be essential for identification or quality measurement purposes.

All round performer

Weger_air_solutions.jpgWEGER AIR SOLUTIONS UK says its ‘RFM’ range of ventilation heat recovery units with integral heat pumps offers designers a unique solution to an age old problem. There are six sizes in the range with air flow rates of 0.25 mᶟ/s to 1.11 mᶟ/s . Each unit consists of supply and exhaust air fans, a plate recuperator for air to air heat recovery and a heat pump refrigeration system, using a scroll hermetic compressor (R410A) with evaporator and condenser coils.

Seaworthy busbar systems

Rittal_Busbars_Highly_Seaworthy.jpgRITTAL says its comprehensive maritime product range has expanded further with the news that its popular busbar systems RiLine, Maxi-PLS and Flat-PLS have passed the most stringent testing enabling them to be integrated within Ri4Power modular switchgear systems and used on board ships in designated sealed areas, such as engine rooms.

‘Next generation’ design possibilities

Ovako.jpgOVAKO is among the exhibitors at this year’s SPE Offshore Europe in Aberdeen, UK, where it says it will demonstrate how excellent yield, tensile and high impact strength and uniform properties in its high quality engineering steels can address the technical challenges facing today’s oil and gas industry.

Hyper duplex steels

sandvik_new.jpgFor a refinery in Germany unscheduled shutdowns were reportedly eliminated following the installation of a new tube bundle in a heat exchanger using hyper-duplex SANDVIK SAF 2707 HD seamless tubes.

Designing a chiller

Rittal_Designing_a_chiller_in_just_four_steps.jpgRITTAL says designers and technical buyers in mechanical engineering can now plan machinery and process cooling more easily than ever thanks to its new TopTherm Configurator.