Plant & Works Engineering
Indoor Ambient Condition (IAC) sensor
Published:  07 June, 2023

CS INSTRUMENTS says its new Indoor Ambient Condition (IAC) sensor helps with this measurement task and with monitoring intake conditions. The intake or ambient air influences the compressed air generation and treatment. This should be monitored and evaluated stationarily with suitable measuring technology.

When designing compressed air stations, the installation site and the climatic conditions throughout the year must be taken into account. The greatest possible challenges should be expected here. Large temperature fluctuations between day and night or winter and summer, lead to fluctuating delivery quantities and demands on the treatment.

Since warm air can absorb more water vapor than cold air, more water vapor is transported into the system on warm days than on cold days. In the worst case, excessively humid intake air can cause water to accumulate in the compressor during compression. This can lead to a deterioration in the performance.

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