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Rapid steam generator provides reliable operation
Published:  13 July, 2022

Industrial process heating equipment and solutions specialist BABCOCK WANSON has announced it has launched the E-VAP horizontal Rapid Steam Generator, with steam outputs from 1700 to 5700 kg/h produced in 5-15 minutes from cold.

A multi-pass coil Steam Generator, E-VAP has been designed for simple, reliable, long-life operation. It comes with a fully integrated digital control panel including easy-to-use touchscreen operator interface, along with auto start and stop plus an option for full sequence control. A specialist low maintenance pump contributes to this simple operation, whilst E-VAP’s horizontal configuration ensures easy access to all components for both operation and maintenance.

Safety is at the heart of E-VAP. Babcock Wanson says it has designed this latest Rapid Steam Generator to operate with low water content for safe operation and only simple water and chemical treatment are required.

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