Plant & Works Engineering
Real-time energy monitoring of compressed air
Published:  13 July, 2022

SICK says as manufacturers face rising energy bills, it has launched the FTMg with Monitoring App, an Industry 4.0 solution that can help them see the data they need to reduce energy consumption through better control of compressed air.

SICK says the FTMg with Monitoring App enables production and maintenance teams to monitor compressed air continuously so they can reduce leaks, improve operating efficiency, and cut costs. Compressed air is the ‘fourth utility’ of manufacturing. According to the British Compressed Air Society, it accounts for 10% of energy use in a typical operation and rises to 30% in heavy use industries. Using data from strategically-positioned SICK FTMg flow meters, the cloud-based SICK FTMg Monitoring App visualises a wealth of both real-time and historic data about compressed air usage.

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