Plant & Works Engineering
Distance sensor sets precision standard
Published:  24 January, 2024

With the launch of its next-generation DT80 distance sensor, SICK says it has revised the standard for measurement precision in countless industrial applications in a compact and robust device. Equipped with high-performance time-of-flight measurement technology, the SICK DT80 1D laser distance sensor achieves unparalleled accuracy of +/- 2 mm with a resolution of 0.1 mm at ranges up to 80 metres.

The SICK DT80 laser distance sensor uses a class 2 eye-safe laser to detect, measure and position on natural targets with no reflector. SICK has developed the DT80 with simple commissioning and versatile integration in mind, fitting even the tightest of spaces in both mobile and stationary machinery. With a robust metal housing, the DT80 delivers resilient performance despite challenging environmental conditions, such as mechanical vibrations, strong ambient light or extreme temperatures.

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