Plant & Works Engineering
Pumping shear sensitive liquids
Published:  24 February, 2014

Pumping shear sensitive materials can be problematical. Shear helps non-Newtonian fluids flow but too much shear can cause temporary or even irrevocable damage. Hydra-Cell diaphragm pumps from WANNER INTERNATIONAL are claimed to impose only low levels of tangential stress on the pumped fluid making them ideal for pumping a wide range of shear sensitive materials.

As soon as the liquid leaves the vessel and enters the suction piping, it begins to shear as the liquid traveling through the middle of the pipe moves in relation to the pipe walls.

Rotary pumps impart more shear between the rotating elements and the stationary casing. However, because Hydra-Cell pumps have no rotating elements in contact with the pumped liquid and no tight internal tolerances, they can impose minimal tangential stress to cause shear.

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