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High pressure coolant pump
Published:  13 October, 2016

Wanner_International.jpgWANNER INTERNATIONAL has introduced the Hydra-Cell Intelligent High Pressure Coolant Pump that it claims can save machine tool operators up to 70% of their pump energy costs.

In through-tool coolant systems, each cutting tool requires a different coolant flow in order to achieve its optimum pre-set pressure. Conventional high pressure coolant pumps tend to be sized to meet the requirements of the largest cutting tool, for smaller tools these pumps merely bypass all or excess cutting fluid back to the sump, wasting energy which is dissipated as heat, warming the coolant itself, often necessitating the use of chillers.

Wanner says the Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump succeeds by delivering the right amount of coolant for each tool in the carouse automatically. No energy wasting coolant bypass is necessary.

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