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Quintuplex diaphragm pumps
Published:  21 September, 2016

Wanner_International.jpgWANNER INTERNATIONAL has announced it has launched a new range of Hydra-Cell. Seal-less, high horsepower, quintuplex diaphragm pumps that it claims eliminates the expense associated with seals and packing, leakage, external lubrication, and emissions.

Achieving flow rates of up to 595 lpm and pressures up to 241 bar, the company says the pumps have low NPSH requirements, allowing for operation with a vacuum condition on the suction - positive suction pressure is not necessary. Hydra-Cell Q155 Series pumps can operate with a closed or blocked suction line and run dry indefinitely without damage, eliminating downtime and repair costs. The diaphragm design is said to handle solids up to 800 microns along with the minute abrasive particles that cause wear in gear, screw or plunger pumps.

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