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Intelligent sequencing system
Published:  02 November, 2020

SCOPE is an all-new, PLC-based boiler sequencing control system from FULTON. The company says it is suitable for up to four steam boilers and optimises installations, ensures energy efficient operation and improves boiler longevity. It can be retrofitted to existing vertical and horizontal fuel-fired boiler installations, including Fulton’s own range of existing and planned products and those manufactured by other boiler OEMs.

Fulton says by using SCOPE’s intelligent sequencing to provide redundancy and reliability, significant savings can be made by automating start-up and shut-down procedures, controlling and optimising main steam header pressure or temperature, ensuring steam supply is controlled precisely and load-balanced across the boilers, thus eliminating extensive losses from repeated start/stop cycling of burners.

At launch, SCOPE features a high-definition touch screen for system programming and displaying boiler status.

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