Plant & Works Engineering
Pressurised deaerator system
Published:  04 November, 2014

spirax_PDA_-_Copy.jpgSPIRAX SARCO has launched a pressurised deaerator system that is said to reduce the dissolved oxygen content of boiler feedwater to virtually nil without chemical treatment.

This enables steam plant operators to reduce energy consumption, save water treatment costs, increase productivity and meet BG01 "Guidance on Safe Operation of Boilers". Removal of oxygen is important because untreated boiler water would corrode the boiler and pipework, increasing maintenance and repair costs and reducing productivity. With a pressurised deaerator system, feedwater can be heated to greater than 100°C without boiling off to steam, removing virtually all of the dissolved gases without the need for water treatment chemicals. Oxygen levels in the feedwater are reduced to 0.02 mg/litre of water (20 parts per billion) – 1,000 times less than can be achieved with a conventional atmospheric deaerator system.

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