Plant & Works Engineering
Effective and versatile solutions
Published:  17 June, 2020

BERNSTEIN is a specialist manufacturer of enclosures, safety switches and sensors. With local and worldwide value-added capabilities, it says it is the perfect “one stop” solutions partner.

The company says it has expert knowledge in the field of contact and non-contact detection, plus protection solutions for the most delicate customer products.

The enclosure range includes die-cast aluminium, GRP, polycarbonate, ABS and stainless steel, plus an IP68 polycarbonate enclosure.

Its range of safety switches is suitable for up to “category 4” operation, ranging from concealed hinged operation to rope pull actuation.

The sensors range includes ultrasonic, capacitive, inductive and magnetic including options in RFID technology

With its comprehensive range of switches, sensors, enclosures and operator terminals, Bernstein offers its customers effective and versatile solutions.