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Centralised or de-centralised automation
Published:  21 September, 2017

fri110281200-Rittal-Centralised-or-Decentralised-Automation.jpgRITTAL says we live in a world of rapid change, driven by the growth of ‘smart technology’, automation components are becoming more compact, both for centralised and decentralised applications, while still delivering considerable computing power and sensors and actuators are also getting more ‘intelligent’.

Rittal says packing components into an enclosure is a science and an art and the engineer must plan the interior configuration to reduce wasted space and optimise the size of the enclosure, yet avoid issues such as over-heating or problems of future access to any of the components.

Rittal says it offers customers a range of solutions for the safe packing of sophisticated electronics systems, both centralised and decentralised and as well as a huge range of enclosures in different sizes, materials and paint specs, employing the company’s sophisticated Eplan software allows engineers to populate the panel in a CAD format, optimising the use of space.

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