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Infra-red heaters ATEX approved
Published:  30 October, 2018

HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT reports its range of gas catalytic, infra-red heaters has now been certified to ATEX 2 2G standard and this makes them suitable for applications in above-ground areas which may contain explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapours mists or air/dust mixtures. The company says the heaters are designed for fitting in infra-red ovens, which are particularly suitable for powder coating and applications ranging from food drying, thermo forming and textiles drying to leather curing and curing coatings on heat-sensitive substrates, such as MDF.

Heraeus Noblelight says the gas catalytic infra-red ovens are available in various sizes and can operate on natural gas or propane, they are flameless, as they rely on initially heating a platinum catalyst ceramic composite heater panel.

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