Plant & Works Engineering
Infra-red provides the answer
Published:  18 July, 2018

A fast response, medium wave infra-red system from HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT is helping to maintain the high quality of woven silks at the factory of Stephen Walters. The silk finishing machine at Stephen Walters needed modernising to improve the control of the process, both in terms of the steam delivery to the fabric and the consistency of temperature across the heated rollers. Fortunately, a simple and elegant solution was found in the use of fast response, medium wave infra-red heaters from Heraeus and two 17kW, stand-alone cassettes fitted to heat the outer surface of the rollers.

Their heat output is regulated from 0-100% by a pyrometer-controlled stand-alone unit to maintain a pre-set temperature on the roller surface and the contact area of the fabric is adjusted by linear actuators connected to idler rollers.

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