Plant & Works Engineering
Controlling the risk of explosions caused by dust
Published:  21 July, 2017

Michell_Instruments.jpgA new case study which describes a solution created by MICHELL INSTRUMENTS to mitigate the risks caused by dust explosions in a sewage plant is now available to download. Michell says storing, transporting or mixing large quantities of dust creates a risk of explosion. Because the dust particles are small, they can easily ignite in the presence of oxygen and cause a potentially devastating explosion due to the sudden release of energy.

The case study examines how the specific needs of a European customer led to Michell designing an integrated monitoring system for a water treatment plant. The customer operated a plant where sewage sludge is dried with a combination of mechanical pressing and heated air. Both CO and O2 have to be monitored in the silos where this process takes place to ensure the atmosphere is non-explosive.

Michell says its solution combined the XTP601 thermo-paramagnetic oxygen analyzer with a carbon monoxide analyzer in a single system for ease of use. Read the full case study here -

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