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Portable fast response hygrometer
Published:  02 June, 2020

MICHELL INSTRUMENTS has announced it has upgraded its compact portable hygrometer, the MDM50, with an extended range and a fast response speed. Featuring Michell’s new SF82 dew-point transmitter, the upgraded MDM50 now offers a measurement range of -60 °C to 60 °C dew point, with an accuracy of ±2%.

Designed for use in tough industrial environments, the MDM50 is suitable for making spot checks of moisture in compressed air dryers, medical gases and ozone generators. The instrument is fully self-contained with an integral sampling system that can make measurements at line pressure up to 2 MPa (20 barg), and also includes filtration to remove particulates down to 0.3 μm. For specific applications, pressure readings at up to 30 MPa are possible.

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