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Oil condition measurements
Published:  28 August, 2014

analysco.pngWith an in-service weight of only 4lbs (1.8 Kg) the Spectro Q1000 FluidScan Lubricant Condition Monitor is said to be so portable and easy to use that it can be used for measurements in locations where other instruments would be too bulky or inconvenient – such as at the top of a wind turbine or on an oil rig.

Using Infra-Red spectroscopy, the FluidScan determines key lubricant condition parameters like TAN, TBN, oxidation, nitration, sulfation, soot, glycol, water and additive depletion in less than one minute. With no delay waiting for laboratory results, vital preventive maintenance can be triggered immediately, thereby avoiding catastrophic equipment failure. Also, costly but unnecessary lubricant replacement can be postponed until actually required.

The FluidScan is manufactured by Spectro Scientific (USA) and distributed in the UK by ANALYSCO.

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