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New Year, new laws
Published:  17 January, 2022

“Finally the law is changing this year to require new builds and major renovations to include vehicle charging points to be installed.” Said Brendan Beaver, manager of METREL UK, a supplier of electrical test solutions.

“So how are you going to test these installations once you have completed them. We know that there has to be some dc protection, at 6 mA but and some ac protection at 30 mA, but how can we test them both with problems?” Brendan asked.

“There are a number of systems, consisting of an adapter and multi-function tester, on the market that will test chargers. However there is only one I know of that costs less than a thousand pounds, Metrel’s MI3125 multi-function tester and A 1532 EVSE adapter are tough and will help customers enter the EVSE testing market.”

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