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Vertical tubeless steam boiler solutions
Published:  06 November, 2018

The claims made by vertical steam boiler manufacturers are easy to get excited about, especially at a time when stringent industry and environmental standards – such as the MCPD and London’s Air Quality Strategy – are making the headlines. FULTON’S Carl Knight takes a closer look.

“We’ve all read the claims, “class-leading”, “energy efficient”, “superior steam quality”, “low maintenance”, the list goes on. But do these claims really stack up?

There are really only two vertical tubeless steam boiler solutions available in the UK. One is based on decades-old technology and the other is Fulton’s all-new, award-winning VSRT, a ground-up, clean-slate design approach that combines new people with new skills that have brought a new approach to the design and optimisation of heat transfer solutions” Click here to read the whole press release.

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