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Vent dryers guard against humidity
Published:  22 May, 2014

Vent_Dryers.JPGBROWNELL reports it has developed a range of vent dryers to protect the contents of liquid storage vessels against moisture contamination. They are available in two sizes, both standard and heavy duty variants. 

These rechargeable units can also minimise pressure differential build up and odour emissions. Brownell says the design of the dryer incorporates excellent weather protection, making it suitable for external applications.

An active desiccant bed retains any moisture before it can enter the vessel. The company says field trials have proven that most existing moisture vapour contained within a vessel is quickly removed when these vent dryers are fitted. Vent dryers will maintain the moisture concentration to acceptable levels.

A colour change indicator within the desiccant is fully visible. This tells users when to change the beaded silica gel.

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