Plant & Works Engineering
Chemical etching
Published:  26 February, 2014

Highland Biosciences Ltd, creator of leading edge diagnostics technologies, has partnered with PRECISION MICRO in the development and manufacture of a miniaturised ‘tuning fork’ biosensor.

The component forms an essential part of HBL’s proprietary microviscometer, that is claimed will improve the safety of a number of medical procedures by providing results conveniently at the point of need.

The biosensor design comprises of 3 micro engineered stainless steel tines, which resonate many thousands of times a second, detecting microscopic changes in film thickness, density and viscosity of a liquid sample and converting the presence of bacterial toxins into an electronic signal.

HBL opted to use the chemical etching process as a tight innovation cycle was needed, as well as a reliance on the material properties being unaffected during manufacture.

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