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Transforming boiler room monitoring for enhanced efficiency and compliance
Published:  03 April, 2024

PWE takes a look at how Babcock Wanson’s Navinergy is changing the way boiler rooms are managed, providing users with advanced tools to improve efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance

Precision and efficiency are paramount for industrial process heating. One digital platform which is helping to change conventional practices, and also offers users tools to enhance efficiency and uphold regulatory standards is Babcock Wanson’s Navinergy. This new digital platform offers 24/7 boiler room performance monitoring that gives customers the ability to remoztely oversee their boiler operations from any corner of the globe to optimise energy and water efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

The Navinergy platform integrates all the components needed to supervise and operate the boiler room, including control, regulation, recording, visualisation and communication.

Using a local Modbus TCP network, Navinergy collects, records, and stores field data from all connected boiler room equipment. This data is then intelligently presented through intuitive graphs or performance reports tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Regular updates ensure stakeholders remain abreast of the latest developments, while on-demand access provides real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Navinergy’s proactive approach extends beyond mere data dissemination; it serves as a vigilant overseer, promptly flagging deviations in equipment operation and dispatching alerts directly to customers. These customisable alerts empower users to swiftly assess situations and enact appropriate measures, thereby pre-empting potential issues and maintaining operational continuity.

Moreover, Navinergy offers complete traceability, providing a comprehensive record of boiler room activities for potential auditing and analysis purposes. This transparency not only fosters accountability but also serves as a foundation for continuous improvement initiatives.

The platform has a range of specialised modules tailored to address specific challenges encountered in boiler room management including a module to list actions to be taken in the boiler room, a drift alert module, and the eWater module which monitors water quality to prevent boiler breakdowns. eWater enables operators to determine whether the water quality is in line with Babcock Wanson’s recommendations, in order to ensure equipment longevity. Where water quality dips below predetermined levels, Navinergy proposes corrective actions. In case of a major problem, a Babcock Wanson expert can also be notified to take proactive measures to address and solve the issue.

Navinergy’s integration extends beyond software compatibility; it is seamlessly incorporated into Babcock Wanson’s firetube boilers, enhancing their capabilities with the BW7DAYS seven-day unattended operating system. This synergy between hardware and software underscores Babcock Wanson’s commitment to delivering holistic solutions that prioritise efficiency, reliability, and compliance.

Navinergy represents a fusion of advanced technology and deep industry knowledge, providing stakeholders with the tools to achieve heightened efficiency, reliability, and regulatory compliance in boiler room operations


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