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Check before it’s too late
Published:  27 April, 2022

Brendan Beaver manager of METREL UK, provider of innovation electrical test solutions says: “Zappi, one of the UK’s top selling charger manufacturer’s, technical expert Chris Horner released an explosive paper last week. Chris’ paper suggests when testing EVSEs’ the key element in the trip current of the d.c. protection is the rate at which the d.c. current ramp rises. The rate of increase is defined by IEC 62955 and should be around 30 seconds. So what you may say, and the answer is the difference between a pass and a fail of the installation. And wasting time searching for a non-existent problem. “

Beaver went on to say: “I suggest that before you pay good money to buy a multi-function tester to check EVSE installations, you confirm that it to tests to IEC 62955.”

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