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Supplying economical and reliable air
Published:  01 September, 2021

Thorite is one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of pneumatic, compressed air and fluid handling products and systems, which has been achieved through staff experience, technical expertise and providing customers with a wide range of products from industry-leading suppliers.

The company says recently, this expertise was tested by Huddersfield based Agrosmart, who manufactures formulated fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides for the agricultural and public health sectors.

Despite regular servicing, the existing compressors, which were installed over ten years ago, were becoming unreliable. Also, due to an increase in customer demand, Agrosmart was looking to increase production. So, with the decision taken to replace the existing compressors, several suppliers were approached, including Thorite.

While the price was, of course, a key factor, overall running costs and the level of customer service that the winning supplier could offer were equally important.

Thorite won the order by offering Agrosmart a 30kW HPC ASD60 variable speed compressor. Although the HPC ASD60 is more than double the capacity of its existing compressor, this machine is designed to deliver compressed air in direct proportion to demand for maximum energy efficiency which matched Agrosmart's requirements perfectly.

In addition to supplying the new compressor, Thorite also supplied a new Parker refrigerant dryer, high-efficiency Parker filters and a completely new upgraded EqoFluids compressed air ring main system. This state-of-the-art powder-coated aluminium compressed air pipework system is designed to maximise flow and minimise pressure drop at the point of use.

For the customer service requirement, Agrosmart opted for Thorite's Aftermarket Solutions package, which gives customers a menu of options that can be tailored specifically to any individual requirement. From these options, Agrosmart chose Thorite for a Service Agreement.

Graham Haigh is the managing director of Agrosmart and was closely involved in this project. “In the extremely challenging climate that seems to have an impact on any input associated with running a business in the UK, especially a manufacturing one, it was a pleasure to witness a supplier that fulfilled all expectations. Thorite, from the initial contact, gave solid, knowledgeable advice, not only for the immediate demands of the Agrosmart compressed air system but also for the incorporated future proofing of the system. The decision to use Thorite was certainly the correct one for Agrosmart.”