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Radial shaft seal minimises wear
Published:  25 June, 2020

The Gerromatic radial shaft seal from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies comprises a stainless steel retaining element and a high-performance PTFE wave-shaped sealing lip that runs in a novel sinusoidal pattern on the shaft surface. As the shaft rotates, each point of the sealing lip repeatedly covers a new area of the shaft that is wetted with medium. The Gerromatic radial shaft seal is available via DICHTOMATIK, the exclusive provider for Freudenberg’s food and beverage related sealing products in the UK.

The seal is intended for use in axially accessible installation spaces, whereby the metallic clamping ring enables an exceptionally tight fit. The Gerromatic rotary shaft seal withstands a high-pressure load of up to 8 bar, and temperatures of between -80°C and 200°C. In other applications, a sliding speed of up to 25 m/s can be achieved.

The company says each of the various PTFE types, such as PTFE Y002, not only have the relevant food approvals according to EU regulation 10/2011 and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), but PTFE Y002 also complies with the pharmaceutical regulations of USP Class VI. In addition, the materials are particularly resistant to CIP/SIP (cleaning in place/sterilisation in place) cleaning media that are commonly used in the process industry. These properties make the Gerromatic particularly well suited to wet-running applications in food and beverage plants.

Delivering minimal wear and maximum service life, the Gerromatic radial shaft seal also offers a self-cleaning effect. Thanks to the innovative contact zone of the wavy sealing lip with the shaft, abrasive particles are washed away immediately. This mechanism prevents particles from remaining in-situ under the sealing lip, where they can cause wear and leakage.

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