Plant & Works Engineering
Universal bonder in larger pack size
Published:  03 June, 2020

HENKEL says when a repair needs to be made, every second spent searching for the right adhesive for the job, or waiting for it to set, costs money in downtime. To address these issues, it has developed its LOCTITE Universal Bonders, adhesives born out of hybrid technology, that will bond almost any material, with fast fixture and cure speeds, in all types of operating conditions.

The company says LOCTITE HY 4070 has certainly lived up to its name by providing an effective structural bonding adhesive for a wide range of applications and it is this scope that has led HENKEL to introduce a larger pack size of the product, making it even more economical. LOCTITE HY 4070 is therefore now available in both the original 11g pack and the new 45g size that is dispensed via handgun.


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