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Can 3 grams of adhesive pull 208 tons of freight train?
Published:  22 August, 2017

2.34.jpgHENKEL says when it started to explore the best way to convey the merits of its latest LOCTITE structural bonding development, it set its sights on creating a demonstration that would really make industry take notice. Henkel engineers decided to show the strength and durability of new and patented LOCTITE hybrid adhesive technology by designing a bonded coupler that would pull freight train wagons weighing 208 tons.

The new adhesive chosen to showcase this technology was LOCTITE HY 4070. The company says it is one of a new breed of adhesives that combine the critical attributes of several adhesive technologies to achieve bond strength, durability and cure speed. These qualities are also complemented by improved health and safety credentials.

Henkel says good impact resistance makes LOCTITE HY 4070 a great choice for joining the elements of products that are subject to drop testing or shock loading. It also provides good elasticity, an important consideration when joining parts subject to relative movement; the train application being a great example. Fixture and cure speeds of this product are similar to those of an instant adhesive and this is achievable even when there is a relatively large gap between mating parts.


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