Plant & Works Engineering
Pumping problem solved
Published:  09 April, 2019

HYDRA-CELL METERING SOLUTIONS has announced it has solved a pumping problem for one of the world’s largest suppliers of polyurethane foam production equipment. The company was using external gear pumps to deliver a curative catalyst in the production of ‘sound deadening’ foam for the automotive industry.

The curing agent contains amines but being water-based it is non-lubricating, a hazard for pumps that rely on dynamic rotary seals that are in contact with the pumped liquid.

Hydra-Cell API 675 Metering Pumps, with their inherently low shear pumping action, provided the ideal solution to the problem. Since the application could not risk contamination by the hydraulic fluid, extensive testing with Mesamoll oil, a plasticizer and acceptable substitute, was conducted before a Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions model P200 was installed for evaluation.


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