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Want insights into improving bearing specifications on your applications?
Published:  05 April, 2019

Finding the correct bearing for an application can be daunting but SKF has developed an eight step plan to help achieve maximum performance.

The vast majority of bearings for general use are supplied in standard ISO dimensions. Beyond this, there are many factors to consider, other than size, when selecting the correct bearing for an application. Balancing all these factors is no easy task, but the process can be streamlined by following a stepwise approach, in eight stages.

Why not download the new SKF Roller Bearing Catalogue, to see the eight-step selection process and learn how to achieve the required level of equipment performance at the lowest possible cost.

The new catalogue covers SKF’s extensive bearings portfolio and you can also contact the SKF Technical Helpdesk for advice on selection, mounting and maintenance here, or call 01582 496534