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Reducing human error and eliminating up to 95% of workplace injuries
Published:  31 October, 2018

SAFESTART INTERNATIONAL, a leading 24/7 safety and performance training programme since 2009, is inviting companies to attend its latest discovery workshop on the 28th November, taking place at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole between 10am – 3pm. Register free here.

The company says created for health and safety leaders, operations and HR managers, the workshop will address reoccurring workplace safety issues including human error, injuries, lack of employee engagement, and the perceived conflicts between production and safety. Such problems leave management frustrated and employees in harm’s way. These “common safety pain points” are pressing issues that every manager encounters at one time or another. SafeStart experts at the event will outline the factors that lead to these issues and provide insight into how they can be solved.

Register for free today:

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