Plant & Works Engineering
Series proportional valve
Published:  30 October, 2018

MOOG, a designer and manufacturer of high performance motion control products, solutions, and services, has announced it has launched a new version of the D680 Series Proportional Valve.

Moog says its D680 Series Proportional Valves are throttle valves for 2-, 3-, 4- and 5- way applications, suitable for electrohydraulic position, velocity, flow and force control in hydraulic systems. The D680 product range has integrated electronics, and is suitable for applications with high dynamic response requirements. The newly launched version in this series is a two-stage valve with a closed loop controlled D633 Direct Drive Servo Valve as the pilot stage. Moog says this latest version of the product provides increased dynamics, repeatability and is more robust than the existing version, making it suitable for use in demanding environments.


Click here for the full unedited version of the release as provided by the company