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Deciding to rewind or replace an electric motor
Published:  31 January, 2018

Although infrequent, electric motor failure can have serious consequences and, in many cases, it can be difficult to know just what to do. As business downtime and losses mount, it can be very easy to make a panicked decision over whether to rewind and repair, or replace a motor.

The conundrum motor owners face is a difficult one. With new high-efficiency motors available, do they take the plunge and invest in a whole new motor altogether that promises higher efficiency levels but with significantly greater costs? Or, do they commit to a motor repair or rewind? While the cost is often lower, many are concerned about the potential inefficiencies that an electric motor rewind can bring — yet are these worries grounded in fiction?

If you are satisfied with your current motor efficiency, an electric motor rewind or repair that is carried out by a qualified service centre will not have a significant impact in terms of efficiency.

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