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Seal-less metering solution
Published:  26 September, 2017

Wanner_International.jpgThe new Hydra-Cell MT8 seal-less triplex metering pump from WANNER is said to handle the low flow metering applications in oil & gas (on-shore and off-shore), water & wastewater treatment, polyurethane foam manufacture and chemical processing.

The company says exceeding API 675 performance standards for steady-state accuracy (±1%), linearity (±3%), and repeatability (±3%), the seal-less, hydraulically balanced, multiple-diaphragm design provides precise, virtually pulse-free, linear flow without the need for expensive pulsation dampeners.

Wanner says the seal-less design means no seals, cups or packing to leak or replace while the variety of pump head materials available, including stainless steel, brass, Hastelloy, PVC and PVDF, ensures the Hydra-Cell MT8 can handle a wide range of processing fluids.

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