Plant & Works Engineering
Application Report - Flow measurement of nitrogen
Published:  24 June, 2016

Vopak Terminal Teesside plays an important role in the supply chains of Vopak’s
diverse range of customers. In addition to storage, specialised value adding
services such as heating, blending, dedicated systems, a vapour recovery unit,
automated addivation and nitrogen blanketing are offered.

Although nitrogen is the most abundant uncombined element on earth, forming
about 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere, it is at the same time a costly commodity.

As air separation processes are very energy-intensive, the costs of the produced
industrial gases are high. Vopak’s Teesside site gets the required nitrogen via
pipeline from an air separation plant nearby. The nitrogen is not only used to
blanket products stored in tanks, but also to actuate valves and accessories.

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