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Lascar’s answer to accurate temperature monitoring in potato stores

“World over, continuous use of CIPC (as a sprout suppressant on potatoes) for a period of more than 50 years and that too at commercial scale has brought in some pertinent issues which are related directly to the safety of human, animal, water and environment” (Paul, Ezekiel and Pandey, 2015).

LASCAR electronics: The Importance of Accurate Temperature Measurement for Vaccine Storage

The potency of vaccines degrades quickly when they aren’t stored within the correct temperature range. Monitoring and recording of temperatures within fridges, freezers and containers used for storing vaccines is therefore well-established practice. However, ensuring that readings taken match the actual temperatures experienced by vaccines requires the methodical application of best practice. Failure to do so can lead to the administering of vaccines that lack the necessary potency to ensure effective immunisation, or the unnecessary disposal of valuable stock.

Grundfos IE5 Motors

For good reasons, the attention has turned to look at the complete system when classifying the most energy-saving solution. Grundfos, a world-leading pump manufacturer with own production of motors, has now extended the IE5 motor range of MGE motors with integrated frequency converter to 11kW.

Prognostics - The Future Of Condition Monitoring

It can be easy to confuse it with condition monitoring but it differs in the way that condition monitoring tends to focus more on the alerting of the here and now state of the machine, identifying failure as it is happening. It’s great when you know what you’re looking for but often the failures that catch you out and lead to downtime are things that you never expected to see – your condition monitoring system then becomes next to useless.

SPM®HD Case Study - Twin Wire Presses, Hallsta Paper Mill

This report describes a field test performed at Hallsta Paper Mill in Sweden using the newly developed SPM®HD method. The method has been applied to four twin wire presses from Andritz running at low speed. The approximate RPM range is 8 to 16. The field test started late April 2009 and is continuing to this day. To download the full case study by Tim Sundström, R&D, SPM Instrument AB, click below

Industry-compliant calibration services

Eurotherm is the market-leading, global supplier of solutions in control engineering, measurement technology and data recording for industrial and process customers.

What is the future for connected compressors?

Anyone who has ever been stranded at the roadside with a stationary car would
have to reluctantly acknowledge that a proactive maintenance plan is always better
than a reactive remedy. However, finding the time and resources for regular
servicing and health checks is not always simple. For production managers in an
industrial environment, the dilemma is particularly acute, since the consequences of
critical machinery failure not only include the time and cost associated with repairs
but the grave prospect of production downtime.

Medium Combustion Plant Directive

“On the 25th of November, the Directive 2015/2193 was published “on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from medium combustion plants.” It will pass into UK Law on the 19th of December 2017. Referred to as The Medium Combustion Plant Directive or MCPD it plugs the gap between the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (the IED) and the “Eco Design” Directive 2009/125/EC.

Application Report - Flow measurement of nitrogen

Vopak Terminal Teesside plays an important role in the supply chains of Vopak’s
diverse range of customers. In addition to storage, specialised value adding
services such as heating, blending, dedicated systems, a vapour recovery unit,
automated addivation and nitrogen blanketing are offered.

Smart finance helps manufacturers capitalise on Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Research from Siemens Financial Services (SFS) highlights five key drivers of success for manufacturers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Hidrostal Aid Anglian Water at East Coastal Site

Hidrostal Ltd, the UK sales division of the renowned specialist pump manufacturer for the wastewater industry, has provided Anglian Water with a proven solution for a particularly problematic Sewage Treatment Works on the East Anglian Coast.

Give breakers a break

Do you recognize any of these 24V DC control circuit

Pumps for any application: the Etanorm type series

The Etanorm pump is the world's most successful standardised water pump. Since 1936, it has been sold more than 1.5 million times.

Investigation into the Deragger II's Energy Savings

The Deragger II product has been successfully installed in multiple sites
throughout Scottish Water to eliminate pump blockages caused by wet wipes and
other non-dispersible products. No thorough tracking of the measurable benefits
other than blockage reduction have been taken. The purpose of this paper is to
demonstrate the other measurable benefits of the product.

Measurement News 2016

Last year, ROTRONIC AG celebrated its 50th anniversary! Founded originally for server cabinet systems, we have since gained a reputation for solutions involving relative humidity and temperature. Both in Switzerland and in the export marketplace.