Plant & Works Engineering
Hidrostal Aid Anglian Water at East Coastal Site
Published:  10 June, 2016

Hidrostal Ltd, the UK sales division of the renowned specialist pump manufacturer for the wastewater industry, has provided Anglian Water with a proven solution for a particularly problematic Sewage Treatment Works on the East Anglian Coast.

Corton Church Lane Terminal Pumping Station handles all sewage from the Lowestoft area. The Wet Well Submersible Station had been experiencing a vast reduction in its forward flow capacity due to constant pump blockages at the station.

The regular Planned Maintenance Schedule for the site was no longer sufficient to keep the wet well clean and free of rags. This had resulted in numerous call outs, monthly tankering and wet well cleans just to keep the site operating at its desired capacity. The knock on effect of this was disastrous for Anglian Water’s Totex model, resulting in ever increasing energy consumption and a drain on the continuous labour resource at the site.

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