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Reduction in energy use
Published:  21 January, 2016

Sandvik.JPGAtlantic Heat Treating says it contacted SANDVIK and raised concerns on the relatively short lifetime of existing SER radiant tubes in its gas fired Sunbeam furnace which was failing after 18 months of service.

Sandvik says it provided replacement tubes manufactured using Kanthal APM extruded material that was sized to work with the existing burner design and to be a direct replacement for the previous stainless alloy tubes.

“The burners that are using the Kanthal APM tubes are the best I have ever seen. The tubes for my SER burners in the Sunbeam furnace were ordered in January 2010 and installed in April of 2010, so we are looking at over 5 years steady operation, vs. something like 18 months with the previous stainless steel tubes. I bought another furnace that is the same as the one we are running

now. When we get it installed I will be looking to use the Kanthal APM tubes”, said Jon Matthews, owner of Atlantic Heat Treating.

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