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Which of your process motors are likely to fail?
Published:  20 October, 2015

whitelegg_machines_newsletter.jpgWHITELEGG MACHINES says some process motors could be close to failure with others running inefficiently.A motor running hot could be due to the mains power supply, the motor itself, or its load. Sometimes the problem is not apparent and it is often difficult to find the cause, as many motors are tucked away in hard-to-access areas.

The company says the Whitelegg Motatest will find the problem. It is designed to access the motor´s power cables. By doing so the electric parameters can be measured fast and accurately and, from these, the relevant mechanical parameters are calculated.

The aim is to receive an analysis of the electric motor, its mains supply, and its load conditions based on six accurately measured, electric values.

The full analysis includes; voltage; power; cos phi; performance factor, frequency, harmonics, harmonic distortion; power supply analysis, torque, torque ripple; overall efficiency, energy costs and more.

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