Plant & Works Engineering
New combination dew point sensor for accurate measurements
Published:  06 March, 2015

With the increasing demand for ultra-dry air for process quality and compliance with ISO 8573-1 Class 1 or higher, CS-iTEC GmbH has manufactured a new dew point sensor for accurate measurements down to -100°Ctd.

Dissatisfied with the problems associated with conventional aluminium oxide sensors of slow response times, unrealistic accuracy claims and potential for failure due to waterlogging, the engineers at CS-iTEC developed a new sensor element in-house to combat these problems which resulted in the new CS 220 model.

The new QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) sensor element in the CS 220 offers the fast response and stable accuracy of polymer sensors but with an extended measuring range sensitive to moisture changes in the ppb range. In operation this delivers rapid identification of out of range moisture levels that could affect product quality or operator safety and accurate, reliable monitoring for plant compliance records.

With applications in plant air/gas generation and distribution as well as point of use for breathing systems and system testing, the CS 220 models have 4-20mA or RS-485 (Modbus) output plus an option for combining a second sensor. This can be either pressure (-0.1 to 16 bar) or temperature (-30 to +70°C) and allows simultaneous measurement of two process variables through separate 4-20mA outputs from one instrument.

This increases the flexibility for control system data collection without the need for additional installation costs or the introduction of extra potential leak paths which can be sources of system contamination.

The CS 220 has a G½” male thread for direct mounting into desiccant dryer systems for example, and can be combined with optimised CS-iTEC measuring chambers for permanent or temporary air or gas measurement. Further options are available for operation with higher system pressures of 50 bar and up to 350 bar.

Sensor parameters such as analogue output scaling and physical units can easily be changed using the CS-iTEC service kit with a laptop and the CS 220 can be combined with any of the CS-iTEC range of displays, data loggers and analysis software for quality monitoring.

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