Plant & Works Engineering
Process drying times cut
Published:  09 December, 2014

RMIG_Bridge_Slot.jpgRMIG, a leading manufacturer of precision perforated products, reports it has launched an innovative range of drying screens in the UK. Bridge Slot screens are specially designed for use in drying and storing all sorts of solid materials, such as grains, herbs, and more recently wood-chip, which is now primarily used to fuel biomass boilers.

RMIG’s Bridge Slot screens are designed to enable a unique flow of air through the slots. This significantly improves air circulation, reducing drying times and increasing efficiency. With the right heating and storage conditions moisture content in wood-chip for example, can be reduced from an initial 50% to ideal 18-20%.

Bridge Slot perforated screens have a wide range of applications, in the agricultural and food sectors, in energy and for use as filtration screens in the water and chemical industries.


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