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Published:  21 August, 2015

Weger_air_solutions.jpgWEGER AIR SOLUTIONS UK says its ‘RFM’ range of ventilation heat recovery units with integral heat pumps offers designers a unique solution to an age old problem. There are six sizes in the range with air flow rates of 0.25 mᶟ/s to 1.11 mᶟ/s . Each unit consists of supply and exhaust air fans, a plate recuperator for air to air heat recovery and a heat pump refrigeration system, using a scroll hermetic compressor (R410A) with evaporator and condenser coils.

The incoming fresh air is either heated or cooled, according to the season, using the heat pump refrigeration circuit installed inside the unit.

The units are designed to be compact and suitable for ceiling void installation. The company says careful consideration has been given to maintenance for all internal components.

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