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Simple, bench mount oxygen analyser
Published:  16 October, 2014

michell_for_n_letter_PR168_XZR400BM.jpgMICHELL INSTRUMENTS says companies can save money on costs and maintenance with its new zirconium-oxide based transportable oxygen analyser. Michell says the XZR400BM oxygen analyser is a small and light transportable instrument, capable of taking readings of both trace and percentage oxygen levels.

It has been introduced to meet the demands of companies that wish to take routine readings from multiple sample points, and is said to be a highly cost-effective solution. The instrument is capable of taking readings on a low flow rate – just 2 l/h – which means less waste of the sample gas from the process. Based on its MSRS Zirconia oxygen sensor, Michell says the XZR400BM gives fast readings – 11 seconds for T90 – saving the operator working time when collecting field readings.

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