Plant & Works Engineering
Flexible loading
Published:  08 August, 2014

Thorworld_yardramps.jpgTHORWORLD INDUSTRIES says it believes that the flexibility of mobile yardramps represents the perfect loading and unloading solution for UK manufacturing, as the country records a three-year high in growth..

Thorworld Industries is a market leader in the design and manufacture of mobile yardramps, and says its extensive experience has shown many times that firms can underestimate the effect of sudden growth.

Yardramps can be put into position within minutes, offering an immediate means for forklifts to convey goods in and out of trailers. As they are moveable, manufacturers do not have to commit to a fixed position; each yardramp features a built-in towing mechanism for quickly and easily moving the ramp into position.

Similarly, speed of set-up is rapid, thanks to a hand-operated hydraulic pump to allow the ramp to be raised up to the required height.

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