Plant & Works Engineering
Miniature force transducer
Published:  08 August, 2014

HBM.jpgHBM reports it has launched upgraded versions of its U9C and C9C miniature force transducers that are said to be individually configurable and offer high measurement accuracy making them suitable for many different applications. These range from dynamic tests and production tasks through to static testing of many different types of equipment such as determining the contact forces in ultrasonic welding, the calibration of hardness testing machines and testing Bowden cables.

The U9C is designed for tensile and compressive loading while the C9C is intended for compressive forces. HBM says there are numerous options available for each of the force transducers ensuring their suitability for a variety of measurement tasks. The cable length and connector type can be individually selected while the connectors can be equipped with an optional TEDS chip for storing sensor data.

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